Our Space

Our Space is a TPoC, Leeds-based artist duo by sound artist, producer and activist Sayang, and visual artist and curator, Dahab.

Together, they produce and facilitate art, events, community exchange and space that offers QTIPoC respite, care, empowerment and creative nourishment.

Their responsive, political and personal work aims to break down barriers and change the landscape

of communication, interaction and engagement

with marginalised artists while working across

the communities and intersections of queerness. Identifying as disabled artists, wellbeing and

access are core principles to Our Space's work.

Our Space launched in August 2018, with their contributions and events as part of Alternative Pride Leeds. In 2019, Our Space worked with House of Flava to run their first vogue ball with Red Bull, bringing over 29 QTIPoC performers from the UK and further afield. Our Space has also curated exhibitions for Trans Day of Remembrance from 2018-2019 and hosted the Trans Pride 2019 film screening and talk with Melz Owusu ‘Exploring TPoC Heritage’.

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